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User Name: Protome
Current Stable Rank: God of All Creation (User)
Gender: Male
Activity: Active

About the user

Protome is the self proclaimed god of Randomness, Things that go 'Eeekokoooo' and several types of cheese. He is from Scotland, and often starts arguements in the IRC 'Just for giggles.' He is liked by most people, hated by a few and sometimes bites off more than he can chew when picking fights with OPs.
He always has sonicfan96 on ignore. ALWAYS.

Protome has had many accomplishments in the IRC, these vary immensly from winning flame wars with n00bs, to creating his own island, Sprattah, to befriending KimiNewt (a near impossible task.)


<Protome> It's always /me /me /me with you isn't it?
<GoldyK> Hey Maw! Look No Hands!

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