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Kolma (a.k.a Tails) is 20yrs old and lives in New york city, NY. He enjoys all types of games, but Music/ rhythm games are his specialty. He's been known to play many systems, but nintendo is his weapon of choice. Though he tries hard he still gets a lot of crap for being a "bad" admin.
He Loves:
His girlfriend (Linz1010)
Music/rhythm games
snacking :p
Going to Nintendo World store to show off his skills
Animals, except his cat
Tails, from the "Sonic" series
Rock music, System of a down
Anime (Lucky star, Death Note, azumangah daioh, sky girls, chobits, full metal panic! , full metal panic? fumoffu, case closed)
Adult swim's programming
Kirby (>^_^)>

He Hates:
"babysitting" Annoying noobs/ regulars in
his dads bitching
his sister… and her damn cat Moved!
The music blasting from the club across the street
People hitting on his gf

Games Kolma has autographed:
guitar hero 3, pokemon pearl, pokemon diamond, tony hawk american sk8land


"Kolma's always watching"

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