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Ion is new to #gonintendo, and is loved by everyone. Ion is usually a girl, but becomes a guy when Jordan's around (>_< LIES, I'm always a guy). Although, Ion is known to mix up pronouns which brings some doubt (but is definitely a guy Ò_Ó). Ion is actually fascinated by lightning and electricity, thus the name Ion. Ion also has done many pictures of some #gonintendo members.


IRL, Ion's hobbies/skills include drawing, programming, writing, sparring, and video games. Experienced with C and C++, but has dabbled a bit with Python, Javascript (but wants to learn PHP) for web, and SQL for databases. Also has general HTML and CSS knowledge, so Ion can make websites fairly easily. Has a PS2, which gets used mostly for Shadow of the Colossus and FF7 these days… Shares the XBOX360 and Wii with the family. Although decent in Shooter and Fighter games, Ion's true game love is for platformers (which there haven't been a lot of these days). Ion's current obsession atm though is Brawl, with Link and Zelda as mains. Ion wants to obtain a DSlite or PS3 (or both) in the near future. [Also Ion has too much time, or an obsession with stupid things to write this out.]

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Note: This is a banner made over 2 years ago and can be misleading to Ion's gender


"My internet keeps going down on me and not in a sexy way"
"Sometimes I get turned on when I see myself get out of the shower… >_>"

  • Ion goes back to drinking her winecoolers

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