GWX scale

GWX Scale

The GWX Scale (commonly written as lower-case "gwx"), is a scale to determine how close the user is to GWX-like levels of insanity and patheticness (1 being full GWXnessness). The scale is measured in the following way:

  • (number of lines / seconds passed from first message) / 10 [usually while ignoring any 1-2 word lines].
  • deci-(l/s)

For example:
<FartyPants> Hello
<FartyPants> I fart my pants
<FartyPants> Especially in the afternoons
<FartyPants> When I play videogames, I tend to do it about twice as frequently

Assuming the messages were written in two seconds, this would then be (3 / 2) / 10 == 0.15gwx.



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