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User Name: GWX
Title: Chat Idiot
Current Stable Rank: User
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Activity: May become extra active soon
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This guy was so dumb…

This guy IS dumb… I mean, will he not shut up?

He lives in his mother's basement raging all day and night, and on a national IQ test falls lower than a jar of mayonaise. He is (according to him) comfortable with his meaningless existence and looks up to the grouch on Sesame St as a role model. He often contradicts himself going from saying he has no desire to have sex to saying he is attracted to women, which makes room for the theory that he is in the closet and ashamed about it. (Don't worry GWX, there's nothing wrong with being gay, but I don't think you'd get laid eitherway) Because he is so ugly and smelly, there is an extremely low chance of someone wanting to perform anything intimate with him, which means he is highly suspect to rape. Luckily, there is a high probability that he is lying about being interested in women, which means there is little chance his corrupted seed will reenter the gene pool. Unfortunately for males, you must make sure you don't turn your backs on any butt ugly, smelly, 30 year old man who looks like he just got out of his mom's basement.


NOTE: Picture is outdated, Not only is GWX smellier and uglier, but he is currently not banned atm



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