Grasshopper Scale


The Grasshopper Scale is a scale from 7 to 28 that was originally used to rate experiences of various sorts, usually an event such as a party, a trip, a movie etc.
After inconclusive usage of the scale many people started using it to rate various things, it being called by certain people "the Fun Scale", "the Event scale" or even "the Life Scale".
No particular usage is official and the scale is not yet sanctioned by any group.
In a short poll in 2008 it was found that the most unpopular numbers on the scale were 9, 14 and 20. Some researchers however claim that these findings are purely random and that there are constant fluctuations in popularity.


Like the scale itself, the origins of it are not clear. It is thought to have originated in Egypt in the 19th century due to the acceptance of people to the scale when reintroduced there.
The reason for the numbers of the Grasshopper Scale is also hotly debated.
Some have suggested that it begins with the number 7 as it represents the Sabbath, a day of rest and so represents the "calm and restful" nature of a boring event or other things.
Opinions on the number 28 vary more greatly, some believe it is because of the lunar cycle, taking place every about 28 days and signifies the looping nature of the scale. Other believe it is because it is a perfect number, something unachievable or even because of the events of 1928 (which conflicts with the origin of the scale).
There are a few minorities claiming that the number 7 may originate from the seven lifes of cats and some say it may be because the number seven comes after the number six and before the number eight.
The majority of the hopperscientific community agrees that the numbers of the scale do not matter as long as it is used correctly.

Examples of Usage

  • Iron Man was considered for a long time to be 19 on the grasshopper scale, but following evidence by Bruce Wayne (32) it appears it may be only 16.
  • Scientology is considered 9 on the scale, which is remarkably low but not as low as religions such as Judaism and Capitalism.
  • Going out with someone only to find out she brought a friend with her thinking it is a "friend thinking" but then still nailing them both is considered 25 on the grasshopper by all but Fred McKinely.
  • Trips to forests have the most varied scale propositions, ranging from 10 to 22.
  • Your sister's birthday is considered to be 18 on the scale.
  • Dinosaurs are widely thought to be 27 on the scale, the highest recorded number on the scale.
  • Italics is one of the most difficult things to pinpoint on the Grasshopper Scale.
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