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azurill is a very annoying kid, there are a few times a year where he doesn't suck but those times are quickly rectified a day or so later by him acting like an assy condescending brat again.(by KimiNewt)

An opinion shared by some and not shared by others ^(by azurill)

shared by most actually(by KimiSan)

Not really(By azurill)

The real 'About The User' (By Protome)
azurill (not Azurill, he hates that, as proven by Protome) is a user who is pretty awesome most of the time. He doesn't know much about science despite liking to think he does and has been banned for linking to ROM sites. Other than that he tends to obey all the rules.
He bought Protome a Wiiware game and therefore is awesome.

Just a few words (By azurill)
If you ask me I think I am a hate or love person.No explaining needed.


  • azurill is a wirdo

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